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In a workshop meeting this week, the City Council:

- Discussed the need for a city policy preventing city employees from working for two different departments at the same time. The issue arose as the result of employees collecting overtime pay for working regular jobs as well as paid jobs with the Fire Department.- Indicated a site at 7200 South as one of two it will probably endorse for a proposed light-rail station. The other site is likely to be either at 7800 or 8000 South.

South Salt Lake

In its meeting Wednesday night, the City Council:

- Allowed the city administration to advertise for bids on a new fire truck and a new sewer-cleaning truck.

- Formally raised the price charged the public for copying city-government documents from 5 cents to 10 cents a page.

- Considered an ordinance that would allow city employees to elect representatives to act as liaisons with city government.