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Ward this week has also criticized campaign spending by GOP colleague Joe Cannon.

Ward, citing an analysis of campaign spending reported in the Deseret News, said Cannon's $1.5 million expenditures as of Dec. 31 show Cannon's "insensitivity to voters' concerns this year."Cannon, a millionaire owner of Geneva Steel, is taking no special interest PAC money for his campaign. He hopes, ultimately, not to spend any of his own money in the race. But he has been heavily financing the campaign from his own funds early on, reports show.

"Especially in an era of profligate government waste, profligate campaign spending produces bad politics, which gives us bad government," said Ward. Criticizing the money Cannon spent on polling, entertaining and staff, Ward said, "All the polling, the entourage and the money seem calculated to make sure the candidate says only the popular, the conventional, the pre-processed. All the candidate has to do is stay with the script."

But voters are tired of the same old script, believes Ward. "Tear it up, burn it. Voters are mad. They are ready for rebellion. We need a rebellion to rise up and throw off the shackles of a spendthrift government leading us down the path of disaster. A spendthrift candidate is not likely to rebel against a spendthrift government."

Lambasting the $4,000 Cannon paid in staff bonuses, Ward said, "I've always thought the bonus for a campaign worker was not thousands of dollars in cash but the reward of seeing the candidate elected." Cannon's bonuses suggest "a different ethic and give credence to the joke that the dumbest person in Utah is a volunteer for Cannon."