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Citing her experience in human service organizations, Janet Rose, a three-term Democratic state legislator, announced her candidacy for Salt Lake County Commission.

Rose said her experience as an employee of the state Department of Substance Abuse gives her the necessary background to take charge of the county's Human Services Department.Rose is running for the seat being vacated by Republican Mike Stewart, who is in charge of that department. Commission

ers may decide to reassign those departments at any time, but Rose said she would fight for the opportunity to lead human services.

If she is elected, the three-member County Commission would be controlled entirely by Democrats. But Rose said party balance should not be an issue.

"You have to judge each candidate on the merits they set forth," she said. "I have the qualifications to balance out the commission."

Rose said she opposes the property-tax hike recently imposed by the commission, although she said Democrats currently in charge were forced to raise taxes because of the years of "mismanagement" by Republicans who formerly were in charge.

She vowed to make government more efficient and more effective. She promised to encourage recycling programs and to support a strong sheriff's office and fire department.

She is leery of efforts to privatize government services.

"While privatization works is some cases, in many cases it means more money and less accountability," she said.

Rose made her announcement at the Redwood Multipurpose Center in West Valley City. She said she chose the location as a symbol of her belief that government belongs in communities and not in the county's government complex at 2100 S. State.