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Nine police officers got their picture in a newspaper for rescuing a blind dog from a sewer, but they're all in trouble because they weren't wearing their hats, a newspaper reported today.

On-duty officers are deemed out of uniform if they appear without their hats, according to departmental guidelines."Conduct an investigation to determine the identities of the officers standing in uniform without service caps," Chief of Patrol Mario Selvaggi demanded, in a memo obtained by the New York Post.

He also demanded the specific assignments of each of the officers at the scene, the identity of their supervising officer and how long they were there.

The Post, which printed the photo of the officers, said one has already been ordered transferred, a 19-year veteran who is being removed from his patrol supervisor's assignment to a desk job.

Others face disciplinary hearings, which could result in a warning, fines or the loss of vacation days.

"Here is the classic backfire to the old headquarters refrain: `Why doesn't the press ever print anything nice about cops?' Well we did and look what happened," Post Editor Jerry Nachman said.

The cops responded on March 5 after an officer heard the dog howling. The officers and a backhoe operator dug out the dog, named Shadow, and a Post photographer snapped a smiling group picture.

Lt. William Connors of the Chief of Patrol's office refused to discuss the memo, saying it was an internal matter, but added: "We require people to be in full uniform at all times."