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The Cache County Council has voted to issue another $1 million revenue bond to fund a jail expansion project.

The council approved the first $1.6 million bond last year and authorized the new bond Wednesday by a 4-2 vote.Councilman Chris Coray, who voted against the bond along with Randy Weston, said he preferred using $500,000 from the county's emergency fund combined with department spending cuts to pay the jail costs.

But County Attorney Gary McKean said the emergency fund may be needed to pay for future lawsuits.

The addition of a new dispatch and emergency operations center has brought the cost of the project to $3.1 million. About $1.1 million is available from the original bond, while the remainder was spent remodeling the adjacent Chamber of Commerce building into sheriff's offices.

Sheriff Sid Groll said the county will spend $225,000 in federal emergency operations funding for the project and another $195,000 may be available from that source later.

He said once the dispatch and emergency operations center is constructed, the county will be paid rent for dispatch and Utah Highway Patrol offices.

But even with that potential funding, the county will still be $988,000 short, Groll said.