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Thanks to a generous gift from Shirley S. Thomas, the Utah Division of the American Cancer Society had a new home dedicated Friday.

Thomas donated $752,000 for the building at 941 E. 3300 South. She has been a contributor to the American Cancer Society for several years. Because of her generosity, the Shirley Thomas Cancer Detection and Prevention Project was funded. The project sponsored the Breast Cancer Task Force Project as well as programs for the poor and underserved. Funds were also provided for educational materials on tobacco. Thomas was the former chairperson of the American Cancer Society's Women's Golf Tournament for Utah and currently is a participant in the program."I saw that funds were needed for the society to continue helping the community with its programs, and I wanted to provide those funds," said Thomas.

Michael Murdock, executive vice president of the society for the past 20 years, said the new building saves the society its rental expense. All contributed funds can now go into programs. "Thanks to Shirley's support, we were able to obtain what we really needed - enough space to accommodate our growing number of volunteers, materials and staff."

For information on services and cancer facts, the new number at the American Cancer Society is 483-1500 or 1-800-234-0533.