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Residents can learn how to obtain funding for a neighborhood park, how to prevent crime and graffiti and find out who to call in city government to solve neighborhood problems.

Those are just some of the topics that will be addressed at the Salt Lake City Neighborhood Conference on Saturday, March 28. The conference begins at 9 a.m."It will help people understand how Salt Lake City government works and how it can work for the residents of the city. With topics ranging from transportation to arts, people can learn how to get involved directly in issues that effect their own neighborhood areas," said Kim Duffin, co-chairman of the event.

The fifth annual conference, sponsored by the Salt Lake Association of Community Councils and the Mayor's Office of Community Affairs, will be a daylong event at the City-County Building, ending with an evening program and dinner at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Those wishing to attend the dinner should register by Wednesday, March 18. Otherwise registrations will be taken up until the day of the conference and on the day of the conference beginning at 8 a.m.

The event features a welcome speech by Mayor Deedee Corradini and keynote speech by J.D. Williams, political science professor at the University of Utah. The city's annual "Good Neighbor Awards" will be presented during the conference.

To register send $5 registration fee, your name, community name, and address to Salt Lake City Neighborhood Conference, SLACC, City-County Building, Room 335, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Indicate whether you will attend workshops and dinner or only workshops. For information call 535-7925 or 535-7929. Financial assistance for low-income participants or will need help for the hearing impaired call the same number.

Conference topics include:

- From Gang Problems to Youth Solutions. Find out what neighborhoods in the city are doing to help stop youth from turning to gangs. Use the information from the workshop to start positive programs or action groups in your own neighborhood.

- Who You Gonna Call? Find out the 10 most common complaints in the city and who residents can call for response and what laws protect them.

- Working Together to Make things Happen. Hear success stories from people in Salt Lake neighborhoods who have worked together to change an existing situation or circumstance.

- What Would You Do If Your Neighbors Boarded Up Their House? This is a "hands-on" workshop that addresses specific housing issues in the city and potential solutions.

- Cultural Heritage: A Tapestry of Customs and Values. Explore how various ethnic groups in Salt Lake City join together to create a sense of community and united action.

- Reconcilable Differences: Using Mediation to Solve Disputes. This workshop demonstrates how mediation can be an effective tool in resolving disputes. Professionals in this emerging field will provide simulation models followed by a discussion by participants.

- Crime Prevention Is Everyone's Business. This workshop highlights a variety of issues, including both obvious and subtle ways that crime encroaches upon individual neighborhoods. Discussion includes graffiti, drugs, home security, architectural and landscape design, and problems in specific neighborhoods.

- Walk, Bike or Leave the Driving to Us. This multimedia workshop reviews alternative modes of transportation.

- Walk on the Wild Side. This workshop is a show and tell presentation on native and "not-so" native plants, animals and birds living in our area.

- Housing and Zoning: The Relationship One Year Later. A continuation of last year's workshop on the City's Zoning Rewrite Project.