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To the editor:

The current financial situation is a major concern for most citizens. As the current campaign has taken way, a new sense that something must be done has erupted in the hearts of the American people.There stands a man in this campaign with the ability to change the ever-worsening future of America. A man who represents the common man. A man who cannot be bought, who has proved to be productive and responsible in the past.

The common citizen has, in the past, been bombarded with taxation sometimes higher than 30 percent, while others who have more than ample ability pay nothing. With a proposed straight tax of 13 percent, this man will bring to the people what the Constitution guarantees - equality.

The middle class shall once again become a reality, the less fortunate won't be raked for money they don't have, and the wealthy won't be able to get around taxation.

This man is a man of the people, for the people. In the 1970s, when he governed California, he set aside the privilege of living in the immaculate governor's mansion, saying that it was not worth the taxpayers' expense, and paid his own rent for an apartment. Today, he upholds his honorable dealings by showing America that he isn't one to be bought, accepting only $100 donations, while other candidates accept thousands.

This man is Jerry Brown.

C. Noel Mehrlich

Utah Jerry Brown Campaign