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To the editor:

Having four children in the public educational system, I feel it is about time teachers and faculties who care are given credit for the job they do.This is a profession where if you are sick, your children are sick, your relatives die, your driver's license expires, your car breaks down or any other possibility, a substitute needs to be called. My children will still be at school ready for a teacher.

As I help my children and also work at Dilworth Elementary school, I can see teachers at work. It is touching to see a teacher put her arm around a child who has a low self-esteem and say, "I'm so glad to see you at school today." And I know she means it.

A system called "parentlink," 533-3008, at Bryant Intermediate, is open to any family with a touch-tone telephone. Even at all hours of the evening you can help your child stay caught up on work or find out when an assignment they have been working on is due. I appreciate the time it takes for the teachers and faculty to keep it up to date.

I admire the teachers and faculty at West High who can and do give help to students requesting guidance. My child at West High has found supportive, caring and informative teachers.

Yes, as in all professions, there are probably teachers, principals and faculties who only work for the pay (as little as it is in Utah) and not the satisfaction of changing a life. Personally, I haven't yet met a teacher that would fit into this category.

Teachers need to know that you appreciate them and the work they do. My children have always had wonderful teachers and I can't say thank you enough.

Chelane Rietbrock

Salt Lake City