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Juab County commissioners want public input before approving an application by Mike Hiskey to create a used-tire storage area in west Juab County.

The hearing will take place on April 20 at 5 p.m. at the commission meeting.Issuing conditional-use permits requires a public hearing. The county would have to issue a conditional-use permit, said Don Eyre Jr., Juab County attorney, in order for the landfill to be constructed in the western desert since a landfill is not one of the allowed operations in the property zones outlined for the area.

Hiskey wants to build a 440-acre site in the western desert of Juab County near West Mountain between Topaz Mountain and the Litte Sahara Sand Dunes. Hiskey said the tires would be buried in clay soil, and he enlosed samples of the soil for commissioners to review.

Even with the public and commission approval, Hiskey would have to obtain state permits, said Eyre.

Randy Freston, county engineer/administrator, said he was concerned about the trucking operation needed to haul the tires to the desert location. "That road wouldn't take a lot of heavy traffic," said Freston.

The roads in the proposed area are gravel and are graded but are not hard surfaced and can become muddy during spring snow melts and rainstorms.

Hiskey would be required by state law to construct an approved landfill, but commissioners, in issuing a conditional-use permit, could put on any restrictions or conditions they would choose to impose, said Eyre.