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Salina is a petite 10-year-old of black and Hispanic heritage. She was born March 11, 1982, and is happiest when she is involved in physical and athletic activities. Swimming, skiing, horseback riding and gymnastics are favorite ways for Salina to spend her time.

She can be quite appealing and behaves well in public and with people she doesn't live with, but Salina has a harder time getting along with other children, especially those in her foster home. She seems to be jealous of the attention other kids receive and can be disruptive and rude. She is good at finding ways to get others in trouble. She needs classes for children with emotional and behavior problems. She also needs extra help because of learning disabilities.A history of abuse and neglect have made life more difficult for Salina, so she is involved in individual and group therapy twice a week. An adoptive family with lots and patience and perseverance who can also keep Salina physically active could make a big difference in her life. She would probably do best as the only child or much younger than other children in the family. Financial assistance is available.