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For the second time in four years, a member of the Weber State University football team has been picked No. 1 in the first round of the Canadian Football League draft.

Offensive tackle Bruce Covernton, 6-foot-6, 295 pounds from Winnipeg, Manitoba, was the first player drafted in the league's opening round, by the Calgary Stampeders. Covernton becomes the second WSU player to be honored as the league's number one draft pick. In 1988, the Ottawa Roughriders made TE Gerald Wilcox its first pick in the first round.Also taken in the draft was wide receiver Rob Trebilcock (5-9, 170, senior, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) and Tom Stackaruk (6-5, 265, senior, offensive tackle, Smithville, Ontario). Trebilcock was taken by Ottawa in the fifth round and Sackaruk by Winnipeg in the third round.

Another Canadian, Geoff Mitchell (6-2, 220, senior, RB, London, Ontario), was drafted last year by the Ottawa Roughriders, but chose to remain at Weber State for his senior season. He has sinced signed with the Roughriders.