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All those years of jokes about Burbank, Calif., on the "Tonight" show notwithstanding, the city wants to honor Johnny Carson by naming a park after him.

The City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a proposal to rename Buena Vista Park to Johnny Carson Park.Carson, who will retire May 22 after 30 years on the show, had no comment, said his personal assistant, Helen Sanders. But Mayor Michael Hastings said Friday Carson had agreed to have the 17-acre park named after him.

The show is produced in Burbank, a Los Angeles suburb, and Carson frequently mocks the city's drab image. But city officials said they didn't take it personally.

"If you go anywhere in the nation, people know about Burbank - and much of the reason is Johnny Carson," City Manager Bud Ovrom wrote in a memo on the proposal. "You could not buy that kind of name recognition for millions of dollars."