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To the editor:

Come on folks, get a grip. We are demonstrating a gross misunderstanding of our U.S. system of government by blaming President Bush for our nation's economic troubles. It is not his fault, nor is it his responsibility to fix it. And it is idiotic to base a whole presidential campaign on that presumption.Reread the Constitution. It is Congress that spends our money. So the national deficit is their doing. The president can make speeches, choose judges, appoint influential bureaucrats, propose plans and make suggestions. But he does not appropriate a single dime.

There are countless reasons besides the deficit for our poor economic health in our country. The biggest culprits are ourselves. For the most part, we are unwise consumers, poor money managers, overspenders and there's way too much dishonesty. Perhaps our biggest downfall is our amnesia regarding the good ol' American hard work ethic.

We ought to look to ourselves for solutions instead of always running to Uncle Sam for help. It is that very attitude of "the government owes me . . ." that got us into this financial mess in the first place. Just because Bush happens to hold the nation's highest office does not mean that he is Santa Claus. Let's work our own magic - and the key word is work.

Sherri Einfeldt