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There are plans to keep international editions of the Moscow-based newspaper Pravda alive despite the suspension of the Communist Party's official mouthpiece in the former Soviet Union, the editor of the French language La Nouvelle Pravda said Saturday.

Pravda, the official newspaper of the Soviet Communist Party for 80 years, announced Friday it would temporarily stop publishing due to a lack of funds. Its circulation has plunged from 9.5 million to about 1 million.Vladimir Bolchakov, editor-in-chief of La Nouvelle Pravda, has more modest ambitions for the revamped international Pravda and expects initial circulation of the twice-monthly tabloid to be about 30,000. He said a small French company, Visuel-art, was seeking investors for other editions it hopes to publish in Spanish, Arabic, German and English.

"It will be a panorama of all Russian press under the name of New Pravda or International Pravda," Bolchakov said.

Bolchakov, who also is Paris correspondent for Pravda, said the fate of the new periodical is not tied to Pravda's fortunes. He said he did not believe the current suspension of Pravda would last long and denied a report in Saturday's International Herald Tribune that the closure was indefinite.

"I spoke with my editor-in-chief last night and he assured me that Pravda is going to reappear in one week to 10 days," Bolchakov said.