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Here is a list of bad check offenders with members of the House of Representatives who acknowledge having written checks on insufficient funds at the House bank. The worst offenders are at the top of each state listed.

ALABAMATom Bevill, Democrat.

Bud Cramer, D.


Don Young, Republican.


Former Rep. Tommy Robinson, D., 996, 16 months.

Rep. Bill Alexander, D., 499 checks, 20 months.


John Rhodes, R.


Former House Democratic Whip Tony Coelho, D., 316 checks, 12 months.

Former Rep. Doug Bosco, D., 124 checks, 13 months.

Former Rep. Jim Bates, D., 89 checks, nine months.

Barbara Boxer, D., reported that she had 87 overdrafts, ranging from $3 to $2,000.

George Brown Jr., D.

William Dannemeyer, R., says he had 27 overdrafts totaling $6,553.

Robert Dornan, R., says his one overdraft was less than $1,000.

Vic Fazio, D., says he had one overdraft.

Elton Gallegly, R.

Duncan Hunter, R., says he had 407 overdrafts totaling $129,225.

Richard Lehman, D.

Matthew Martinez, D.

Robert Matsui, D., says he wrote 21 overdrafts totaling $11,196.

Ron Packard, R., says he had four overdrafts totaling $1,963, which he called "an honest error."

Dana Rohrabacher, R.

Pete Stark, D., says he inadvertently cashed at least 17 checks, and probably more, with insufficient funds in his account.


Chris Shays, R.

Barbara Kennelly, R., has said that she has bounced "some" checks.

Nancy Johnson, R., said she may have written two or three bad checks since she entered Congress in 1983 but didn't bounce any checks during the 39-month GAO auditing period.


David Skaggs, D.


Jim Bacchus, D., says he had three overdrafts totaling $155.

Andy Ireland, R., says he had six overdrafts totaling $5,600.

Larry Smith, D.


Rep. Charles Hatcher, D., 819 checks, 35 months.

Buddy Darden, D.

Newt Gingrich, R.

Charles Hatcher, D., says he overdrew his account as many as 780 times over 39 months.

Ben Jones, D.


Richard Stallings, D.


Rep. Charles A. Hayes, D., 716 checks, 15 months.

Dennis Hastert, R., says he had 17 overdrafts for amounts ranging from $100 to $3,500.


Jill Long, D.

Frank McCloskey, D.

Philip Sharp, D., says he had one or two overdrafts in the range of $200 to $300.


Dan Glickman, D.

Jim Slattery, D.


Rep. Carl C. (Chris) Perkins, D., 514 checks, 14 months.

Larry Hopkins, R., says he had at least 32 overdrafts.


Clyde Holloway, R., says he had about a dozen checks totaling $44,000.


Beverly Byron, D., says she inadvertently bounced one check.


Rep. Joseph Early, D., 140 checks, 15 months.

Chet Atkins, D.

Edward J. Markey, D.

John Joseph Moakley, D.

Gerry Studds, D.


Rep. John Conyers, D., 273 checks, 9 months.

David Bonior, D.

John Dingell, D.

Robert Davis, R., said he bounced checks more than 800 times but wouldn't divulge how much money was involved.


Jim Oberstar, D., says he overdrew his account by less than $100.

Tim Penny, D., three overdrafts for a total of $99.

Gerry Sikorski, D., says he had some 671 overdrafts totaling almost $120,000.

Vin Weber, R., 125 overdrafts totaling nearly $48,000.


Mike Espy, D.


Rep. William Clay, D., 329 checks, 10 months.

Richard Gephardt, D., says he had three overdrafts totaling $216.28.

Harold Volkmer, D., one overdraft for $59.74.

Alan Wheat, D.


Matthew Rinaldo, R., had an overdraft of about $200, which he said was caused when another bank failed to deposit a check in the House bank in a timely fashion.

Marge Roukema, R., says she had at least two overdrafts.


Steven Schiff, R.


Rep. Bob Mrazek, D., 972 bad checks, 23 months.

Rep. Jim Scheuer, D., 169 checks, eight months.

Rep. Ed Towns, D., 408 checks, 18 months.

Rep. Stephen J. Solarz, D., 743 checks, 30 months.

Gary Ackerman, D., says he wrote 119 bad checks.

Thomas Downey, D.

George Hochbrueckner, D.

Raymond McGrath, R.

Matthew F. McHugh, D., one overdraft.

Robert Mrazek, D.


Byron Dorgan, D., says he had four overdrafts totaling $445.


Walter Jones, D.

Steve Neal, D.

David Price, D., one overdraft for $104.

Tim Valentine, D., says a single arithmetic error in early March 1989 resulted in five overdrafts totaling $326.09.


Rep. Mary Rose Oakar, D., 217 checks, 21 months.

Rep. Edward F. Feighan, D., 397 checks, eight months.

Mary Rose Oakar, D.

Louis Stokes, D.


Mickey Edwards, R.


Les AuCoin, D., says he had seven overdrafts totaling $491.


Former Rep. Doug Walgren, D., 858 checks, 16 months.

Robert Borski, D.

William Goodling, R.

Peter Kostmayer, D.

Curt Weldon, R.


Ron Machtley. R., has admitted bouncing seven checks for a total of $4,493.98 and fears there could be more once full records are disclosed.


John Spratt, D., says he had written about 40 bad checks.


Rep. Harold E. Ford, D., 388 checks, 31 months.

Jim Cooper, D, said he was overdrawn six times in the last four years for $1,369.

Harold Ford, D.

Bart Gordon, D, said he wrote four worthless checks totaling $1,404.

Marilyn Lloyd, D., said that she had written eight bad checks totaling about $2,100.

John Tanner, said he had three checks totaling $3,800.


Rep. Charles Wilson, D., 81 checks, eight months.

Rep. Ronald D. Coleman, D., 673 checks, 23 months.

Mike Andrews, D.

Dick Armey, R., has acknowledged seven overdrafts totaling $1,748.

John Bryant, D.

Albert Bustamante, D.

Ron Coleman, D., says he had four overdrafts totaling $285.

Kika de la Garza, D.

Jack Fields, R.

Greg Laughlin, D., six to eight overdrafts totaling less than $2,000.

Bill Sarpalius, D., three overdrafts for less than $1,000 overall.

Lamar Smith, R., one overdraft for $60.

Charles Stenholm, D.

Charles Wilson, D., says he had 75 to 85 overdrafts.


Wayne Owens, D., has estimated he had 20 to 30 overdrafts.


Norm Dicks, D., three overdrafts for $2,241.99.

Tom Foley, D., has acknowledged one overdraft for $540.


Robert E. Wise Jr., D., says he was not notified when he bounced a $1,000 check six years ago.


Steven Gunderson, R., says he wrote 12 overdrafts and blames the bank's poor bookkeeping for not being able to say how much they were worth.

Scott Klug, R.

David Obey, D.

Thomas Petri, R.

F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., R., says he wrote 13 bad checks worth about $50,000.