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Of the 780,366 cars and 439,798 trucks registered in Utah, a plurality are Chevrolets, the State Tax Commission says.

Chevrolet, with 132,460 vehicles on state tax rolls, is followed by Ford (118,076) and Buick (44,700), a summary of registrations shows.While many Utahns drive foreign cars, the majority bought an American vehicle. Nearly 70 percent of Utahns' registered autos are domestic makes.

Another 23.4 percent are Asian models, and only 6.8 percent are European, the Tax Commission figures reveal.

The most common year of car is 1988, with 63,189 vehicles registered. Cars built before 1978 are well represented with 110,917, or 14 percent of the total.

Among major makes, the car with the fewest registrations is the American Motors Rambler, with just 119 still registered. Even the old Willys Overland - the original jeep - and the Yugo beat that number with 230 units and 673 units, respectively, still registered.

Among foreign makes, Rolls Royce has just 29 registrations and the pricey Sterling has 135 registrations.