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Well, we're approaching that time of year when the networks decide to renew or not to renew your favorite television series.

There have been just a handful of announcements, but here's a rundown on what has been picked up - and a few that have been dumped - so far:ABC has renewed "Family Matters," "Full House" and "Perfect Strangers," and has picked up "Matlock" from NBC.

CBS has renewed "Northern Exposure" for two more seasons, and has picked up "In the Heat of the Night" from NBC.

NBC has renewed "Blossom," "Law & Order," "Seinfeld" and "Wings." In addition to dumping "In the Heat of the Night" and "Matlock," the network has also canceled "Night Court." And "The Cosby Show" is, of course, retiring after eight seasons.

Fox has renewed "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Herman's Head," "In Living Color," "Married . . . With Children," "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" and "The Simpsons."

Now, if your favorite series hasn't been officially picked up, you don't necessarily have to worry. The networks are in negotiations with producers for lots of hit shows, and many that haven't been renewed yet undoubtedly will be.STILL PUNCHING: Boxer George Foreman may not get another shot at the title, but he's going to get a shot at television stardom.

"Who's the Boss?" star (and former boxer) Tony Danza is putting together a sitcom with Foreman as the headliner. Danza will produce, but there's no word on when a pilot might be shot.NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Regular viewers of the "Home" show know that still another female co-host signed on last week. Sarah Purcell, who used to be one of the co-hosts of that dreadful "Real People," is now sitting next to Gary Collins.

And as for former co-host Beth Ruyak, there's no word yet on where she's headed, although ABC did issue a release saying that she "has elected to accept another position in the television industry, which she will announce shortly."