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A contract to house federal prisoners in transit at the Davis County Jail was approved Monday after months of negotiations between the county and the federal marshal's service.

Under the contract, the county will house federal prisoners for $49.76 per day, which reflects the county's actual cost of housing the inmates, commission Chairman Gayle Stevenson said.County officials have been eyeing the contract since completion of the judicial complex and 350-bed jail in west Farmington last spring.

Federal marshals initially approached the county about housing the prisoners, most of whom are held overnight as they are being transferred around the country.

Federal prisoners are generally flown from point to point, and the county jail's short drive time from Salt Lake International Airport makes it an attractive holding facility, according to the county.

The contract rate of $49.76 per prisoner day is for one prisoner held one day. Stevenson said the county could expect up to 22,000 prisoner days annually at the facility.