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To the editor:

An editorial in the Deseret News on Feb. 4 entitled "Make federal deadbeats pay, too" pointed out the gross inequity and inexcusable favoritism of federal laws that exempt federal employees from wage garnishment laws applicable to the rest of us for civil damages in lawsuits.In that same editorial, it should have been pointed out how federal employees have been successful in striking down state laws exempting state and local government retirees from the payment of state income taxes on their public employment retirement pensions. These greedy federal employees are now seeking reimbursement of state income taxes voluntarily paid by them for several years back, which poses a calamitous financial burden on the state of Utah.

Isn't it interesting to note how one class of favored tax-supported citizens can point the finger of unfairness at another class of favored tax-supported citizens without so much as a sideward glance at the plight of disfavored taxpayers who, as always, are left to pay the bill?

Jack L. Crellin

Salt Lake City