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After student enrollment doubled in the past five years, the Utah State University Uintah Basin Continuing Education Center built just three years ago is "bulging at the seams," and school officials say a larger facility is needed.

Laird Hartman, center director, told the City Council recently that the school has plans that would more than triple the size of the current building. He said as it stands now, USU will have to "borrow" rooms at nearby Union High School and at the Uintah Basin Applied Technology Center to have enough space for classes next year."We have experienced rapid growth. We had a 16 percent increase in 1990 and a 24 percent increase in 1991. We'll easily have over 1,000 students enrolled next year. We are in need of classrooms, a science lab, telecommunications rooms, faculty offices and a gymnasium, and an auditorium is a priority as well."

Hartman asked the council to support the school's application to the Community Impact Board to fund the $3 million project, which would add 70,000 square feet to the facility.

"My proposal was to go through the regular route for state funding and move up the chain of state-authorized building. But that could take 20 years."

Roosevelt successfully sponsored a USU grant application to the Impact Board three years ago to get funding for its current facility.

City Council members told Hartman they will work with USU and other local governmental agencies to sponsor an application for grant and low-interest loan to the Impact Board.