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Dale Worwood, Heber Memmott and Don Barton, of Nephi, have asked Juab County commissioners to apply for special use permits that would allow the county to run some of the designated camping areas now controlled by the Forest Service.

The county does have applications, said Randy Freston, Juab County engineer/administrator. The county applied to control Bear Canyon, Andrews Canyon, Pole Canyon and Black Canyon."Juab County can only do so much," said J. Morris (Ike) Lunt, commission chairman. "We have to show proof of how much we can spend in these areas."

Commissioners would need to indicate how much could be spent, how much time could be invested and how the county intended to pay before the proposals, if the county could be seriously considered.

Before commissioners can sit down with local people, said Lunt, they needed to know what the county could afford. "Our funds are not unlimited," said Lunt.

The Forest Service lost money in the Salt Creek area, said Worwood.

Nevertheless, Lunt said, it did not appear there was a chance of the county obtaining jurisdiction over the fee areas of the county unless they were willing to pay the fees. "We have to get a figure of what it will cost the county this year and next year and what we can do this year and what we can do next year," said Lunt.

If the fee areas are opened to a prospectus, Lunt said, then anyone can bid, and someone other than the county might be the successful bidder.

"If we put it out to them that they lost $13,000 last year, they should be at our door," said Worwood.

The commission has discussed what it might cost the county, Lunt said.

Commissioner Joseph Bernini said the Forest Service seemed to be willing to work with the county. "It seemed to me we were breaking through a bit," he said.