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To the editor:

In the Feb. 29 paper, West Valley Police Chief Dennis Nordfelt stated, "the number of accidents decreased by 22 percent and speeding violations also declined" during the four months photo radar has been operating in this area.These figures do not consider drivers who switched to other routes to avoid the whole issue. I found myself feeling like a hunted animal when traveling 5600 South, hoping not to be "trapped." I wonder how much business in West Valley is affected by the decreased traffic flow.

Rather than PhotoCop, the thousands of residents in this area need freeway-type roads, as enjoyed by residents in all other parts of the state. Nowhere in Utah is travel more snail-paced most of the day due to single-lane old country roads than the west part of the valley. Any visitors to the area who are not prepared for the long ride are shocked and disgusted; they should try living here.

Gayle Foutin

West Jordan