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To the editor:

On the street where I make my home - Springview Drive - there lives a rather magnificent tree. Between the white house to the east and the yellow house to the west it sank its massive roots - long before the current residents came - and soared into the sky high above the roof tops. Beautifully symmetrical, providing wonderful cooling shade in the summer, a joy to see everyday, a tree in the prime of its life.It has now been horribly mutilated. Chainsaw tree butchers have been "trimming" it. (If some people trimmed their finger and toe nails the way they trim their trees they would be walking around on their knees with 4-inch stumps for arms.)

I pleaded with them not to do it, but to no avail. Reason was out of the question. I feel pain and anger from this abusive violation of nature.

All winter long, people burn coal and wood for heat, polluting up the neighborhood and then turn around and destroy the very thing that cleans the air. There are plenty of rationalizations and justifications, but it makes no sense. We need to find some way to provide protection to trees from people who would do them harm.

Jim Platte

Salt Lake City