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Displaced homemakers don't have to join the Army to be all that they can be.

With help from the Center for Personal and Career Development at the Provo campus of Utah Valley Community College, displaced homemakers and single parents are among the men and women learning how to become economically and socially self-sufficient."Our focus is to help them (students) achieve their personal and professional goals," said Linda Barlow, center director. "Our primary concern is the individual."

In 1978, Anita Bradford had a vision of helping women improve their situations through better employment and training. Her vision evolved into a program called Better Jobs for Women at the Utah Technical College, which later became UVCC. As the program grew, it expanded to become the Center for Personal and Career Development to offer men equal aid in coping with employment and life changes.

Besides assisting in career counseling, career exploration and job-development skills, the center offers classes in enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence.

Successful Life Management - a class designed specifically for women - discusses topics in comprehending personal relationships, career development, personal care, empowering self, handling criticism, problem-solving and accepting responsibility for self.

The success of the program is seen in the increasing attendance and changed lives of those involved.

Barlow told of one young woman whose husband became disabled. The woman decided that if she needed to support the family and work eight hours away from the house daily, she was going to make her career a worthwhile one. After taking the Successful Life Management course, she was determined to get a good paying job, and she did. The woman now receives good pay and loves her job - as a coal miner.

Students at the center are encouraged to answer four questions: What do I want? What do I have to learn? Will it take long- or short-term training? And will I need an apprenticeship or internship?

"It's a process, not an overnight thing," Barlow said. "We teach people to think progressively. We help them achieve their dreams."

Individuals needing help focusing on their personal and career can call or visit the Center for Personal and Career Development, located at UVCC's Provo campus, 1395 N. 150 East; call 222-8000 ext. 580. The center has career counselors, job-placement personnel, transitional counselors and assertiveness trainers available.

Workshops are held 11/2 hours each day Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.