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The Salt Lake County sheriff's office recently honored more than 90 people for their contributions to the community.

Among those honored was Henry Tesch, a 77-year-old crossing guard who pulled a 10-year-old from a sewer manhole Dec. 6, 1991. He was awarded the Medal of Distinction.Sgt. Kendra Herlin received the Sheriff's Star for investigating drug trafficking between Oceanside, Calif., and Salt Lake City.

Others receiving the Sheriff's Star were deputies Scott Bannon and Greg McArthur, and detectives Daryle Ondrak, Larry Turpin, Barton Palmer, Gary Potter and Dick Judd. Each caught robbery, burglary or homicide suspects during the past year.

Deputies Craig Carroll, Jeff Smith and Roger Taylor received the Sheriff's Star for bravery while investigating a call involving shots being fired.

Deputy Mike Julian and reserve deputy Jim Breeze received the Purple Heart for being wounded in the line of duty. Both were injured while assisting West Valley police during a riot at the Bonneville Raceway.

Sheriff Aaron Kennard also presented Citizen Service Medals to seven people for helping the sheriff's office.

Bob Welch, Terri Wright, Kristin Potts and Jennifer Platts were all honored for their efforts that led to the capture of burglars they had caught in the act of three separate burglaries. Jim Davis, Judy Christiansen and David Pond received the award for their efforts to revive a man who suffered a stroke.

Eight jail officers, Jeremy Sorenson, Ronald Adams, Shawn Lewis, Chad Brewer, Richard Jacobson, George Gamvroulas, Andre Howard and Paul Long were honored for their efforts to save the life of a fellow officer who collapsed unconscious.

Deputy Reed Parkin was honored for his work as a drug education officer and detective Ron Cowdell for his work in the warrants division.

Dispatcher Lisa Cahoon was honored for keeping a caller - who threatened to kill not only herself but others in the home - on the phone for nearly an hour. During that hour, she persuaded the other residents to leave the home safely.

Reserve deputy Scott Earl, deputies Joseph Studstrup, Mike Morgan, Delwin Craig, Kim Bowman, Armand Glick, Darren Carr, Gene Van Roosendaal Jr., each received the Division Commander's Award for their efforts in capturing fugitives. Deputy Chris Bertram was honored for performing CPR on a baby and saving its life.

Detective Robert Mitchell's work on the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run earned him the Commander's Award. And Lonnie Wilson and Paul Brenneman were honored for thwarting the suicide of a 17-year-old boy.

Sgt. Jerry Holt and deputy Vaughn Allen were lauded for their work on a robbery investigation. Deputy Corey Latham was praised for locating a suspect in a gang shooting. Lt. Larry Bringhurst, jail Cpl. Lori Housekeeper, Lt. Roger Taylor, Lt. Dave Jorgensen, Cpl. Richard Church, and dispatchers Marjorie Anderson and Sharlene Kaul were honored for their extra efforts in their responsibilities.

Detectives Bob Odor and Glenn Poret were praised for their investigation of an obscene caller/threats case. Detective Todd Gamble and deputies Paul Brenneman, Jeff Maglish and Corey Latham were honored for capturing thieves during a foot chase.