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Sheriff's detectives said Wednesday that they hope new laboratory results will bring them closer to solving the murder of Stephanie Henry.

Henry's nude body was found Oct. 1 in the bedroom of her apartment at 4545 S. Atherton Drive. Her 20-month-old daughter was found in another room, where she had been left unattended for about 36 hours after her mother was stabbed to death. The child was dehydrated and hungry but otherwise unharmed.Investigators found hair samples in Henry's bedroom and sent them to a California lab to be tested. The laboratory tests were just recently returned. "It does narrow the field of suspects now," said Salt Lake County sheriff's Capt. Bill Van Wagenen. "It certainly is a significant break."

The DNA testing of hair samples can narrow the suspects to a group of people with certain hair types.

Detectives have earlier indicated they have a handful of suspects in Henry's death and hope the tests will eliminate some of those. The captain declined to release the results of the testing until the investigation progresses.

Henry was stabbed several times, including at least one stab wound to the head. There were no indications, however, that she had been sexually assaulted. And because there were no signs of forced entry into her apartment, detectives believe she probably knew the person who killed her.