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Wyoming athletic director Paul Roach is expected to give his recommendation on basketball coach Benny Dees' future to the university's board of trustees on Friday.

While the athletic director has been mum on what that recommendation will be, the Laramie Daily Boomerang reported that Roach is expected to suggest a two-year contract extension for the coach. Dees' current contract runs through the end of next season.One sign that Dees will be back next season is that he is out recruiting.

Dees just concluded his fifth season at Wyoming. The Cowboys ended the year with a 16-13 record and a first-round loss to New Mexico in the Western Athletic Conference tournament.

But Roach said any reports about his decision are still speculative.

"They're guessing," he said Tuesday. "I would expect that maybe Benny told his wife before he left town to go recruiting, and maybe somebody else heard about it, I don't know."

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