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A 24-hour computer crash at the Salt Lake County jail Tuesday stalled the release of about 60 inmates while jail staffers figured out a way to muster them out without benefit of electronics.

And at least one person found herself spending the night on the county without even being sentenced to jail time.The computers went down about 7 p.m. Tuesday, said Salt Lake County sheriff's Lt. Grant English. It was the first time in his memory that the computers had been out for so long, he said.

The slowdown didn't cause any overcrowding - "just frustration," English said.

That certainly summed up Evelyn Sprouse's mood, according to her husband, Casey.

Evelyn Sprouse was ordered Tuesday in South Salt Lake city court to pay a $65 fine. She didn't have the money on her, so she was held at the jail while her husband went home to get the money.

Casey Sprouse said he paid the fine in South Salt Lake, then went to get his wife.

"I went straight to the jail, not 20 minutes after she got out of court, and they wouldn't let her out of jail because the computers were down," Sprouse said.

Over the daylong outage, 60 to 70 people were released more slowly than they would have been if the computers had been working, English said.