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To the editor:

Recently, I was privileged to see Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows in "Love Letters" at the Capitol Theatre. It proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, I was appalled at the half-empty house, especially considering the long lines and ticket scalping that occurred when tickets for "Les Miserables" went on sale.Are Salt Lake audiences only interested in musicals? Are their minds so lazy that they need music and elaborate sets and special effects in order to be "entertained?" Do they think they might be bored by two people sitting on a stage just reading?

I admit this is no action-packed Saturday afternoon matinee feature. But is touching and funny, sweet and sad, and performed superbly by Allen and Meadows. And it is about real people - now, today - not costumed characters from a distant past.

We may not condone Melissa's lifestyle, but we recognize that she could be the woman down the street and we see, through her letters to her friend Andy, how her life evolved. We see Andy, too, so clearly characterized through the years in the letters he wrote.

Salt Lakers, wake up. "Les Miz" is not the only play in the world. It is a wonderful musical, to be sure, but "Love Letters" is as well worth sold-out houses.

Sharee Hughes

Salt Lake City