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Davis County Commission

In its meeting Monday, March 16, the commission:- Adopted an ordinance transfering permits and inspections of excavations in county roads from the planning and building office to the county public works department. The commission also adopted a fee schedule for excavation permits and inspection rates.

- Reaffirmed an interlocal agreement from last year for dredging the mouth of the Jordan River where it empties into the Great Salt Lake. The county's share of the $30,000 cost is $4,500, the remainder to be paid by the state, Salt Lake County and two private duck clubs.

- Approved a lien waiver for sidewalk installation on a lot being developed at 388 E. Mutton Hollow Road. Curb and gutter are already in place.

In its meeting Wednesday, March 18, the commission:

- Recommended the appointment of Kent Murdock, Centerville, to an opening on the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District board. Murdock's name will be forwarded to the governor for approval. Murdock will replace two-term member George Burbidge, Bountiful, who is up for an appointment to the state water board.


In its meeting this week, the City Council:

- Approved a resolution authorizing the issuance of water revenue bonds worth $2.2 million to upgrade the city's culinary water system.

- Authorized the city to advertise for bids on the culinary water project. Bids will open on April 9 and the council will discuss the bids at its April 14 meeting.


In its meeting this week, the City Council:

- Announced the city is just completing its first-ever newsletter, due to be mailed to all residents soon.

- Decided the city's annual "Fun Days" will be held on July 31-Aug. 1 as originally planned. Even though many city youths have conflicting church activities planned for those days, Sunset is committed on a date for the Little Buckaroo Rodeo: July 31.

- Mayor Norm Sant discussed a letter he had received from the American Civil Liberties Union encouraging public officials to cease prayers in public meetings. Sant said Sunset will continue prayers unless a court orders the city to cease the practice.

- Discussed the Miss Sunset Scholarship Pageant, planned for June 12. The city has solved budget problems for the pageant thanks to a $533 surplus from last year's event and plans to cut costs in this year's event.