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Remodeling the Provo City Library may have solved the space and acoustical problems that have plagued the building since its opening.

Renovation of the library began in September in response to public demand for expanded services and to create a quieter, study-oriented environment. The project cost $217,000.City officials will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday at 3 p.m. featuring Utah Jazz guard Delaney Rudd. Rudd will speak on the importance of reading and using the library. He also will be available to sign autographs.

The library, 425 W. Center, was too small the day it opened three years ago. Its space wasn't well-utilized, and there were acoustical and accessibility problems.

Library Director Howard Downey said the remodeling will allow the library staff to make more efficient use of space within the building.

Changes include:

- The children's department was relocated to a larger area on the lower floor, making the upper floor quieter.

- The Parent Education Resource Center was expanded on the lower floor.

- Project Read, an area literacy program, was moved upstairs to a large office with several tutorial rooms.

- The periodical and newspaper reading area was enlarged to better accommodate public use of the nearly 400 magazines and 40 newspapers to which the library subscribes.

- Public restrooms are available on upper and lower floors.

Downey said public use of the library has increased the past two years.

Circulation in 1990 and 1991 rose nearly 35 percent. And so far this fiscal year circulation is an additional 9 percent higher, he said.

Some 55,000 Provo residents have library cards.

The City Council approved a property-tax increase last year to provide more books for the library, after Downey said the library didn't have enough books for a city the size of Provo.