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The Utah Information Technologies Association (UITA) and Equis International, which provide the UITA Stock Index that appears daily in the Deseret News business section, will adopt a new method of calculating the index effective Friday for publication beginning Monday.

The UITA Index is an index of 12 Utah-based computer and telecommunications companies whose stock shares are publicly traded. The 12 companies are ALPNET Inc., EFI Electronics Corp., Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp., Gentner Communications Corp., Globesat Holding Corp., Iomega Corp., Larson-Davis Information Systems Inc., Novell Inc., Prime Telecommunications Inc., Tel Electronics Inc., Wasatch Education Systems Inc. and Wicat Systems Inc.Peter R. Genereaux, UITA president, said that beginning March 20, the index will be calculated as follows:

Each day the percentage rate of change for each of the 12 stocks will be calculated from the base period of April 25, 1991, assuming a base period value of 100. The 12 percentages will then be added together and divided by 12 to derive the average percent change for all 12 stocks.

For example, if the index stood today at 121, this would indicate that $100 invested among all 12 stocks ($8.33 in each stock) on April 25, 1991, would now be worth $121, up 21 percent. If the average percent change was 21.5 percent on the following day, the index would then stand at 121.5.