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Police on Sunday defused an IRA bomb at a train station, the third discovered in this capital in 48 hours. Two other devices planted by the outlawed group exploded on Friday and Saturday, injuring 29 people.

The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility Sunday for planting all the bombs as it continued its campaign to end British rule in Northern Ireland.In a statement from Belfast, the IRA said it wanted to force the issue onto the political agenda ahead of the election, which must be held by July, and vowed to continue the campaign of violence on the British mainland before the election.

But Home Secretary Kenneth Baker, the Cabinet minister responsible for law and order, maintained that the IRA would not disrupt the electoral process.

"An election is a time when there is a clash of ideas, of policies and of arguments. It has nothing to do with bombs and bullets," Baker told London Weekend Television News.

Earlier Sunday, a bomb found in a north London train station was defused hours before thousands of fans arrived for a soccer match, a Scotland Yard spokesman said. The bomb was spotted at 9:20 a.m. at British Rail's White Hart Lane station. A telephone warning was received about an hour later, police said.

The station is near the Tottenham Hotspur soccer ground, where 30,000 spectators were due to attend a semifinal match at 3:30 p.m. The bomb was defused within an hour, but the televised game was delayed an hour after police received the warning.

A bomb containing about two pounds of explosives went off outside a government prosecutor's office Saturday night, slightly injuring a woman who was running to catch a bus, police said.

The IRA earlier claimed responsibility for a bomb that injured 28 commuters at London Bridge Station during the Friday morning rush-hour.

In a statement Saturday from Dublin, the IRA said Friday's blast was not meant to injure civilians. It blamed police for failing to clear stations after a telephone warning. Police have said the warning came less than 10 minutes before the bomb went off, and did not specify the location.