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Nudity was made a no-no at Brazil's Carnival in a bid to increase tourism, but as samba dancers shook their way through Rio, visitors at one of the world's wildest parties seemed in short supply.

The famous gala entered its third day Monday, and Rio residents - known as cariocas - sang irreverent songs while a 25,000-strong parade of samba enthusiasts danced through the streets of the world's 10th largest city.True, people are having fun, but business isn't as good as the commercial sector hoped.

"This is the Carnival of the recession," said Guillherme Araujoan, an organizer of the famous Baile de Pan de Azucar, or Sugar Bread Ball.

The great balls that traditionally have been part of Carnival's fame were nearly empty. The public seemed to be preferring the street dancing.

In the past five years the number of tourists visiting Rio for Carnival has dwindled from 1.9 million to 800,000.