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To the editor:

I am writing to take exception to the recently published letter by South Salt Lake Councilwoman Holly Carson and to express my support for Councilman Wes Losser.Councilwoman Carson implies that Councilman Losser should be ashamed of his constant probing into the city's financial status and criticism of decisions made by the mayor and council.

This may come as a shock, but that type of probing and criticism is exactly the reason that in the most recent election Mr. Losser garnered more votes than any other member of the council.

I suggest to Councilwoman Carson that it is the attitude of indignation expressed by elected officials when their decisions are questioned that gives rise to rumor, not the fact that their decisions are questioned.

The voters of South Salt Lake overwhelmingly sent Mr. Losser back to the City Council because he is a man of integrity and has the courage to question what goes on in government, then report it to the people.

Perhaps it would be prudent for other elected officials in South Salt Lake to heed the message the voters are sending. Councilman Losser, keep digging.

David M. Carlson

South Salt Lake