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To the editor:

I am part of the baby boomer generation and also a part of the silent majority. I work approximately 50 hours a week and have six children. I use my "busyness" as my biggest reason for not getting more involved in political and civic challenges. But today I will step over the dirty laundry and write.I listened to President Bush's State of the Union address. I noted Americans' response to the polls. His address was sincere, but sincere rhetoric. It saddens me that the majority of us are not optimistic that things will change and that we do not have the trust in our government that our parents did.

But the fact is that we are not optimistic and we do not trust. We have heard too many lies, lived through too many coverups, lost too many loved ones to wars that only served to make special-interest groups rich.

Congressional leaders get little respect because congressional hearings and hypocritical finger-pointing have turned Congress into a made-for-television Enquirer.

I recently cringed my way through the raunchy language of the movie "JFK" and came away 99 percent convinced that we, the American people, have once again been duped by our government. We need to demand that any records regarding Kennedy's assassination, which haven't mysteriously disappeared, be opened for the people's inspection.

I would love to see terms limited to avoid political careers. I would love to see greedy, amoral opportunists removed from office before we lose yet another handhold on our rights. This will only happen if we ask questions, demand answers and communicate the frustration and anger that we feel toward our ailing government.

V. Patterson