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Utah bartenders sponsored a Sunday bungee-jumping event that drew a crowd of several hundred to a fund-raiser for the fight against multiple sclerosis.

The jumpers - some clad in bikinis - were attached to the top of a 100-foot-hight platform by elastic lines that allowed them to plunge toward the ground before snapping them back up.La Casa, a private club, sponsored the event, which raised about $1,200 selling bungee jumps for $30, as well as food, drinks, T-shirts and buttons.

The event was part of Utah's UGLY (understanding, generous, lovable you) bartender competition sponsored by Utah bars to see who can raise the most money to help fight MS, a degenerative nerve disorder.

"It's all teamwork," said Linda Lee Rasmussen, 44, La Casa employee and jumper. "The competition just makes it more fun. Every bar that participates is important whether it is big or small."

Rasumussen said her leap Sunday, in a bikini, had a lot to do with having friends with MS.

"I've never bungee jumped before - certainly not in a bikini - and I'm a little nervous, but I'm willing to do this to raise money. I want MS to stand for `mystery solved,' not multiple sclerosis," she said.