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The Showdown Classic at Jeremey Ranch, which has struggled at times to survive in Utah during the past decade, got a boost Friday when Franklin International Institute announced it has signed a three-year contract with the Senior PGA Tour to sponsor the event.

The golf tournament, scheduled for the week of Aug. 24-30, will be re-named the Franklin Showdown Classic. The announcement was made Friday at a press conference attended by Governor Norm Bangerter and PGA Tour Senior Tour administrator Ric Clarson at Franklin's headquarters."To continue the success of the Showdown Classic, we'll do everything short of printing the days of the event in all our Franklin planners," said Arlen Crouch, president of the Franklin Institute.

Crouch said the desire to undertake the sponsorship of the event for three years is Franklin's way of expressing its happiness for success in Utah.

This year's tourney will have a $400,000 purse with the 54-hole tournament proper scheduled for Aug. 28-30.