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To the editor:

I guess my frustration has reached its limit.It started a few years ago when I began backpacking in very remote areas of Utah. The realization finally penetrated my underdeveloped cerebrum that very few people have a respect for life or land. This concept was stimulated by the degree of extensive travel my compatriots would have to go to find a place far enough and difficult enough that the beer drinkers and the garbage droppers wouldn't consider worth their effort to contaminate.

This past month, my mental faculties had another awakening. Three magnificent bull elk began to graze every day a few hundreds yards from the main shopping center in Magna. As the weeks went by, they became more confident and one day, to the surprise of many who stopped along 3500 South to see them, they began to feed in a pasture directly west of Cyprus Credit Union. I noticed their huge racks (close to six points, each one of them).

This happened in the early part of February, and that particular day I saw them in that pasture for the last time about 3 in the afternoon.

The next day, I made inquiries and to my disgust was informed that an idiot with a gun had shot one of the elk in the hip. The elk had slowly bled to death and the Fish & Game had come out and removed the carcass. Of course, the "idiot with the gun," as the perennial coward will, took flight and was never heard from.

Chad Fenwick