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Seven Utah Department of Transportation projects have gotten an early start, and more work is scheduled to begin as spring unfolds.

Motorists driving I-15 between Salt Lake City and Layton can't help but notice two road projects.The first involves surface rehabilitation for 4.5 miles of roadway between Layton and Lagoon. Concrete barriers with bright orange netting on top are being used to redirect traffic from work areas.

The southbound lanes are being done now. Northbound lanes will be done later.

The $2.6 million effort is intended to fix deteriorating or damaged concrete to extend the life of the pavement and provide a smoother ride.

Shirley Iverson, UDOT public information specialist, said sections of pavement are being cut out and replaced. Some are 20 feet long, others are as long as 60 feet.Workers also are cleaning expansion joints, the lines that periodically cut through concrete much like those in sidewalks to allow room for expansion when the weather is hot.

When these fill with dirt or debris, there isn't enough space for concrete to expand when it's hot, so the road suffers "blow-ups" where pavement essentially pops, she said.

The newly cleaned expansion joints will be filled with an elastic material that will allow expansion but keep debris out of the joints.

Work is expected to be finished by mid-June.

The second project, a $2.8 million sign rehabilitation effort, extends for 12.6 miles on I-15 between 600 North in Salt Lake City, and Centerville.

Iverson said workers are replacing and refurbishing all interstate signs in that area, including large overhead signs.

The signs must be brought up to current safety standards, she said.

Much of the work is being done in the medians. New bases are being built in places where new signs will be erected. Signs will be replaced or fixed along both sides of the interstate.

"Right now, the traffic disruption is quite minimal, but there will be more disruption as they start placing the signs," Iverson said.

Work is expected to be completed by fall.

Other UDOT projects include:

- I-80 near Lakepoint Junction near the Salt Lake-Tooele line. UDOT is reconstructing the Black Rock interchange where 2100 South meets the interstate. Work has been going on since this past summer and the interchange has been closed. The project is expected to be completed by mid-June on the $5.5 million effort. The former interchange was old and inadequate for traffic demands, Iverson said.

- I-80 in the same area, on two 4-mile sections of roadway to replace old asphalt pavement with concrete. On March 27, traffic will be restricted to one lane. Plans are to finish the $13 million project by late fall.

- U.S. 189 through Provo Canyon on a section that runs from Murdock Division to Upper Falls. A new section of highway is being built adjacent to the existing road. However, considerable blasting through rock must be done, so for safety reasons, workers need to delay traffic periodically, Iverson said. Motorists should expect 15-30 minute delays on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The $16 million effort involves 5.5 miles of roadway and is expected to be done by summer of 1993.

- U-9 about four miles west of Zion National Park. A 5-mile stretch of road is being reconstructed because the existing road is extremely narrow and has no shoulders. For safety reasons traffic cannot go straight through because boulders and debris fall on the road during construction. Motorists can expect 15-30 minute delays as crews stop working to let vehicles through. The $5.8 million project is expected to be completed by summer of 1993, but could be finished as early as this fall.

- U-9 between I-15 and Hurricane where two bridges are being replaced. The $3.4 million project is expected to be finished in summer 1993.