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A federal judge threatened Friday to banish John Gotti to the courthouse basement during his trial if the reputed mob boss continued to mock prosecutors trying to send him to prison for life.

During Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gleeson's questioning of Gotti's longtime friend and employer Anthony Gurino, Gotti appeared to either thumb his nose or blow a kiss at the prosecutor.U.S. District Judge I. Leo Glasser saw Gotti making the mocking gesture, stopped the proceedings and sent the jury out of the courtroom.

"If you want to remain at this trial and at that table, I am going to direct you to remain at that table without making comments which can be heard in this courtroom, without gestures, which are designed to comment upon the character of the United States attorneys," Glasser said.

"If you can't refrain from doing that, I will have you removed from the courtroom," he said.