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The NBA is looking into the circumstances surrounding more than $100,000 in checks reportedly written by Michael Jordan and found in the estate of a bondsmen shot to death last month.

The lawyer and brother of the man in whose estate the checks were found say the checks were to pay gambling debts incurred by the Chicago Bulls star."We're looking into it," Brian McIntyre, NBA vice president for public relations, said today.

"I wouldn't call it an investigation, but we are looking into it."

The Gaston Gazette reported that checks signed by Jordan were found by lawyers and police in the estate of Eddie Dow.

Jordan denied knowledge of the checks and said he wasn't familiar with information about gambling.

Gambling doesn't violate NBA rules unless wagers are placed on NBA games, said Chartese Dean, an NBA media spokeswoman.

"We have a good-conduct rule that says a player must be of good moral character to ensure the integrity of the league," Dean said.

In South Carolina, where Jordan played golf and was known to visit with Dow, betting on golf games is against the law.