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The road to the "Sweet 16" begins today with a number of highly-anticipated matchups.

In the East Region in Greensboro, N.C., Duke (29-2) faces Iowa (19-10) and; Seton Hall (22-8) takes on Missouri (21-8).The Duke Blue Devils and Iowa Hawkeyes cross paths at this same stage of the tournament a year ago and Duke ran over Iowa by 15 points en route to the national title.

Seton Hall and Missouri are both looking for better outings than they had Thursday - Seton Hall because it had such a scare against La Salle and Missouri because it had to sit through three power outages in a three hour and 10 minute game against West Virginia.

In the West Region at Boise, Idaho, Georgetown (22-9) faces Florida State (21-9) and LSU (21-9) meets Indiana (24-6).

The Florida State-Georgetown matchup will put a great deal of quickness on the floor. Both use harrassing defenses and are capable of moving the ball up and down the floor in a hurry.

LSU's Shaquille O'Neal was already one of the featured players in the tournament, but he became even more so by blocking an NCAA tourney record 11 shots against Brigham Young.

But the focal point of this game will be the coaches. LSU's Dale Brown says he has patched up what had been a long running feud with Indiana's Bobby Knight, but the pre-game handshake may be the highlight of the day.

In the Southeast Region in Cincinnati, Alabama (26-8) battles North Carolina (22-9) and Ohio State (24-5) faces Connecticut (20-9).

North Carolina has been to the Sweet 16 the last 11 years.

And in the Midwest Region in Milwaukee, Arkansas (26-7) faces Memphis State (21-10) and Georgia Tech (22-11) meets Southern Cal (24-5).