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To the editor:

I'm mad. I'm mad because our government has lied to us, has deceived us, has blatantly ignored our Constitution buried our "freedoms" in our courts in the names of equal rights, environment, union rights, etc., sending our young men to Vietnam as a public action, then finally released them to come home to what?My eldest son served in the Marines four years, 1966-1970. He came home safe, but there was no band, no yellow ribbons, no parades; but he still loves his country and would go again if they called him. His father served four years in World War II. His grandfather (my father) served in World War I in France, and on down to the American Revolution, threads of gold of ancestors giving their lives for "freedom."

What a message we could send to all the world if America would just sake up before it's too late and do what George Romney has suggested we do: Take back our country.

We had better start with ourselves, stand up, support our views and demand good candidates. We have a president unaware of the problem here at home and doesn't know how to correct them; check-bouncing congressmen, senators who have failed us miserably. Let's start over with an independent, someone who has no labels, no strings attached to big money.

Let's start with our neighborhoods and demand from delegates "no more old stuff - all new blood."

Virginia Snow