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To the editor:

I admire Ted Stewart's energy and enthusiasm in his race for the Republican nomination for the Senate, but I'm not nearly as impressed by his dedication to accuracy, as evidenced by his letter to the editor (Forum, Feb. 26).Congressman Wayne Owens' position on wilderness is now and has always been that the areas he has proposed should be looked at, carefully weighed to determine resource conflicts and designated wilderness if it turns out that their wilderness qualities outweigh their realistic economic possibilities.

That position has never changed. If the BLM had done its job properly in the first place and studied the legitimate areas with wilderness characteristics as required by law, his bill, HR1500, would never have been necessary.

It is true that Owens has spoken of wilderness as a tithe to future generations of our national heritage. On that basis, he has said that 10 percent of the state should be preserved as wilderness. But that is not a hard and fast pronouncement, and is subject to all the compromises that logic dictates in the passage of a wilderness bill.

Dave Jones

Campaign manager

Wayne Owens for Senate