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To the editor:

Some politicians wonder why they are held in such low esteem by the citizens. Or perhaps they do not wonder; they know very well but are so lacking in morality that they don't care, as long as they are re-elected. Our Utah legislators are not excepted. Otherwise, why do they do what they do?They changed the sales tax collection and payment system. It was bad enough that they increased the cost to businesses for making the collections by requiring the tax to be submitted to the state monthly. The companies no longer have the income from interest on the tax collected until it had to be submitted at the end of the quarter. Oh, there was a small allowance, not sufficient to cover the loss of interest, as a sop to ease the pain.

But even worse, they now require non-profit organizations - like churches and charities - to pay the sales tax, then submit documentation to plead for reimbursement. The legislators are not stupid. They know very well that in many cases it will cost more to establish record-keeping procedures, keep the records, then submit them for reimbursement than it would just to forget it and consider it just another tax to be paid. And these are precisely the organizations which can least afford to pay an added tax. But do our legislators care?

But then that's fine with the electorate, as the legislators know full well, because the citizens voted down the tax limitation propositions a couple of years ago. That makes us wonder just who are the ones concerned about increased taxation. Apparently not the voters.

Robert W. English

Salt Lake City