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Leftist rebels are cooperating in the government's case against two guerrilla fighters charged in the murder of two U.S. servicemen last January in a Salvadoran war zone, court officials said Saturday.

"It is going to be a very nice investigation. It is clear that (the rebels) are cooperating," said a court source who insisted on anonymity.The U.S. State Department, however, said the guerrillas' voluntary surrender was insufficient and renewed its call for the suspects to stand trial in the United States, although their extradition would violate the Salvadoran Constitution.

On Saturday, the presiding judge case formalized charges against Severiano Fuentes as an accessory to murder in the deaths of Lt. Col David Pickett and Pfc. Earnest Dawson. Another rebel, Ferman Hernandez, was already charged with aggravated homicide as the triggerman.

Autopsy results and eyewitness testimony indicate that Pickett and Dawson were shot at close range while they lay injured on the ground after their helicopter was shot down Jan. 2, 1991.