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Australian Peter Mack made his comeback complete on Sunday, winning the slalom and with it the overall men's championship in the U.S. National Telemark Skiing Championships.

After what he called a disappointing start, a seventh in the first race of this event on Friday, a giant slalom, he came back to win the classic on Saturday and the slalom Sunday.He finished with 50 out of a possible 75 points, to 35 each for Christian Woll of Silverhorne, Colo., winner of the GS, and Chris Larson of Park City. Patrick Ledger of Salt Lake City, finished 6th.

Mack, the two-time Australian and 1991 Swiss telemark skiing national champion, said snow conditions were a little icy for the first race of the series and that proved costly to him.

On Sunday, he said conditions were better for him. "The course softened up, especially in the afternoon. I felt good on both runs. The second run was the best. They slipped it so it was smoother," he said.

John Amundsen of Winter Park, Colo., was second and Larson was third.

Mack was a thousandth of a second slower than Amundsen on the first run, but the challenger was hit with two one-second penalties for bad turns. On the second run Mack was nearly two seconds faster, but had to give up one second on a penalty.

Salt Lake's Ellen Guthrie tied with top-ranked American Carolyn Sterrett in the overall, but Guthrie was awarded the national title in a tie breaker. Both finished with 40 points.

Sterrett won Sunday's slalom, was third in the giant slalom and seventh in classic terrain race.

Guthrie won the GS, was fifth in Saturday's classic race, and was third on Sunday.