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Relatives and friends of those aboard a USAir jet that crashed in New York, killing at least 26 people, talked with counselors and made anxious telephone calls as they awaited word of their loved ones.

About a dozen family members left Cleveland for New York Monday on a USAir charter.Those awaiting Flight 405 on Sunday night were escorted to a private lounge at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Some received what information was available and left. Others remained in the lounge Monday.

Psychologists, members of the clergy and American Red Cross officials offered help. Reporters weren't allowed to speak with people in the lounge.

"They're worried. They're concerned," said Sheryl Alexander, director of emergency services for the Cleveland-area Red Cross.

"They're talking to friends, they're talking to some of the counselors . . . they're staying as calm as can be."

Marilyn Nudelman, who was at the airport, said her husband, Sidney, survived. They had been in New York visiting their daughter, but Mrs. Nudelamn took a different flight back. "Hospital officials said he was able to walk to an ambulance," she said.

Mollye Block said her husband, Dr. James Block, telephoned to say he was OK, aside from cuts on his face. "He's fine. He isn't burned," she said. "He sounded great and so happy and wonderful. He said he had made a decision to live and he got himself out of that plane and swam to shore."